Elgar, Parry, Finzi, Walton: Music for Brass Septet 6

Fiona Maddocks, The Observer

Septura head homeward, with a recording of British music from the first half of the Twentieth Century.

This was a golden age in England’s otherwise chequered compositional history, and a period in which brass instruments, in the form of the brass band, established their place at the very heart of British musical culture. From the many composers of the period whose music endures we have chosen four of the finest: iconic works by Elgar, Parry, Finzi and Walton, re-imagined for the unique sound of the brass septet.

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Gerald Finzi (1901–1956)
God is Gone Up (arr. Matthew Knight)

Edward Elgar (1889–1920)
Serenade for Strings (arr. Matthew Knight)

Gerald Finzi (1901–1956)
Prelude in F minor (arr. Simon Cox)

Hubert Parry (1848–1918)
Songs of Farewell (arr. Matthew Knight)

Gerald Finzi (1901–1956)
Romance in E-Flat Major (arr. Simon Cox)

William Walton (1902–1983)
Sonata for Strings (arr. Simon Cox)