Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker

‘A mightily impressive achievement’ 
– Brass Band World

Brass instruments are a vital part of the festive fabric of Christmas, and Tchaikovsky’s iconic ballet The Nutcracker is made even more joyful with the brassy brilliance of Septura.

Narrated by pre-eminent actor Derek Jacobi, The Nutcracker is set on Christmas Eve, with music both rapturous and fantastical. It tells the story of how young Clara’s favourite present, a nutcracker shaped like a little man, turns into a handsome prince at midnight.

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Miniature Overture

Act I: March
Act I: Children’s Galop and Entry of the Parents
Act I: Dance (Allegro)
Act I: Arrival of Drosselmeyer (Andantino)
Act I: Cabbage and Pâté (Andantino)
Act I: Drosselmeyer’s Gifts (Allegro molto vivace)
Act I: Doll’s Waltz (Tempo di Valse)
Act I: Toy Soldier (Presto)
Act I: Berceuse (Andante)
Act I: Grandfather’s Dance (Tempo di Grossvater)
Act I: The Mice and the Christmas Tree (Più Allegro)
Act I: The Battle
Act I: A Forest of Fir Trees in Winter

Act II: The Palace of Confituremburg (Allegro brillante)
Act II: Chocolate (Spanish Dance)
Act II: Coffee (Arabian Dance)
Act II: Trepak (Russian Dance)
Act II: Dance of the Mirlitons
Act II: Waltz of the Flowers
Act II: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Act II: Pas de Deux
Act II: Final Waltz