Simon Cox

Founder & Artistic Director, Trumpet

Simon is Principal Trumpet of Aurora Orchestra, and regularly performs with many of the UK’s major orchestras. Following studies at King’s College London and the Royal Academy of Music, he spent three years in Finland as a member of the Helsinki Philharmonic. Throughout his time abroad he felt an increasing desire to perform chamber music, so he eventually returned to the UK to embark on a PhD at the Royal Academy of Music, investigating the field of brass chamber music and developing repertoire for the brass septet, a brand new classical configuration.

Simon founded Septura in 2012 and runs the group with fellow artistic director Matthew Knight. He produces many of Septura’s arrangements, and handles most of the group’s administration.

What is your favourite Septura piece to play?

I find Renaissance choral music particularly satisfying to play, however it’s difficult to beat the end of Rachmaninov’s Slava! for sheer excitement (although it is quite tiring!) Click here to listen on Spotify.

What would you do if you weren’t a trumpeter?

I’d have probably attempted to play computer games for a living (only slightly sillier than trying to be a musician) and switched to web design or something similar once I realised it was impossible.

Your favourite Septura moment?
Hearing the first notes played by Septura in our first ever rehearsal, when the brass septet came to life as a classical chamber ensemble.

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