Gershwin, Copland: Music for Brass Septet 7

In this seventh volume of Music for Brass Septet, Septura survey two of America’s greatest and most representative composers.

Gershwin’s An American in Paris charts a visitor’s stroll around the French capital, absorbing the city’s atmosphere and charm, whereas the synergy of classical form and jazz animates Gershwin’s unique Preludes. Copland’s Quiet City depicts a contrasting and more understated cityscape, while the suite from the ballet Appalachian Spring displays Septura’s luminous virtuosity.

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George Gershwin (1898–1937)
An American in Paris (arr. Simon Cox & Matthew Knight)

Aaron Copland (1900–1990)
Quiet City (arr. Simon Cox & Matthew Knight)

George Gershwin
Three Preludes (arr. Matthew Knight)

Aaron Copland
Appalachian Spring (arr. Simon Cox & Matthew Knight)