The Trombonist: ‘a joy to hear…a superb album’

Rupert Whitehead
The Trombonist, Winter 2014

Music for Brass Septet – Septura

Septura’s debut disc is a re-imagining of 19th century sacred music as if originally written for brass.

Throughout the record the playing is exceptional, unsurprising given that the group comprises some of the brightest stars of the UK brass scene. In the two organ works the array of sounds created ranges from the majesty of a large cathedral organ to a more intimate chamber instrument.

The use of mutes to reproduce the timbres of the organ’s various registers is particularly effective. In the choral works the influence of the text on the phrasing is clear. The Schumann and Brahms’ Geistliches Lied are beautifully played. The interpretation of the Bruckner works deserves special mention. There is nothing over the top, yet the music loses none of its splendour.

It is a joy to hear Bruckner played in this way. This is a superb album, full of thoughtful and intelligent music making at its best.